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Royal Bet 24

10% Bonus interest on all deposit $500 and up.

Our Investment Plan

Platinum Package

  • Minimum Deposit: $295.99 (BTC: 0.03060299)
  • Maximum Deposit: $249,000.99 (BTC: 25.74469990)
  • Percentage Gain Daily: 5 %
  • Number of Days: 40

About Us

We are a team over 12 people. 8 Sport analysts, 2 Web designers, 1 Secretary and 1 CEO. With many years of knowledge, we can guarantee you a daily return on your investment.

We started with two and we are already twelve in our team and we are growing monthly. Our goal is to have at least 100 employees by the end of the year.

We secure your money on our Bitcoin hardware wallet. Nobody can access your money at any time. On the bookmakers we have our money which we are betting with. There is no risk of losing your money at any time.

Affiliate System

We have a great Referral System to encourage members in spreading the best Investment Plan on WWW.
The 3 Levels Affiliate System will give you more option of Earning!.


1st Level

Referral Bonus: 10%


2nd Level

Referral Bonus: 6%


3rd Level

Referral Bonus: 4%

How We Work

How does Royal Bet 24 work?

RoyalBet24 is a new with passion build betting company registered in UK. We are Developed by a team of professionals currently in the field of sports betting. We are already betting for us internally for over 10 years and then came the idea to give the people out there a chance to participate in the market. We are working 7 days a week, thats why we can give you daily profits. We are betting on different kind of sports like, football, ice hockey, tennis. Of course, we do not want to reveal our safe bet strategy, but we often bet on how many goals are scored in a game. With our method we have been making massive gains for over 10 years, which we now want to share with you..

How can I make an investment and earn profits?

To make deposit, first of all, you must sign up/sign in to your account. In your DASHBOARD, you will find your unique deposit address. Make the investment, by sending any amount (which is larger than the minimum) to your deposit address. Your deposit will be automatically activated after the blockchain network confirmation.

How many times will I receive profit?

You will receive your return every 24 hours from the time of your deposit.

What payment methods can i use to make a deposit?

We decided to choose only one crypto currency and that is bitcoin. But why only bitcoin? Because we believe that bitcoin will increase huge the next 2 years and we are convinced of bitcoin technology.

Are There Any Fees on withdrawals?

Yes, we need to charge 1% fees for withdrawals. The reason is that we have to exchange the bitcoins in FIAT money in order to be able to deposit with various sports betting providers and then have to exchange them again in bitcoins to pay you.

How can I withdraw my profit?

Just Sign in into your account and go to your dashboard and request a withdraw. You will get your payment within 1-2 hours.

How can i make money without investing?

Yes you can make money without making a deposit, first of all, you need to sign in/sign up to your account, where you will find your unique Referral link. Share it with your team and when they make a deposit using your link you will get 10% referral commission on the first level, 6% on the second level, 4% on the third level. Those Commissions you can withdraw instantly.

How much will I earn by attracting referrals?

You will receive up to 20% Commission on 3 levels from the deposit of your referral. Your referral link will be available in the Personal Area after registration.

How Can I Contact Your Support?

You can contact our support through support@royalbet24.com.

How much is the Minimum Withdrawal in USD?

The minimum withdrawal for USD is $295.99

Site Status

We already have 606 Members.

We are currently managing $117,972.32 (21.223494126 Bitcoin).


For any support or questions: support@royalbet24.com